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April 2003 – Tips & Topics

Why I started this Ezine!
>> Clinicians have ongoing clinical questions that need answers!

I have been training and consulting for over 25 years, but fulltime for nearly the last seven years. I travel the country & get repeated requests for answers to questions on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Patient Placement Criteria and other topics. People ask about books, videos and audio learning materials they can obtain. They want help to implement and apply knowledge and skills presented in one or two-day workshops. An Ezine is one way to answer those common questions and requests more efficiently.

>> To help people apply new-found knowledge!

Budget deficits are hitting almost every state. Attending a workshop can change one’s knowledge and skills immediately. However, fewer can afford to take the time and funds to learn onsite at a workshop. Continual learning is essential, but a challenge to achieve without some ongoing prompting, supervision or assistance. An Ezine is a vehicle to provide supplements and support to previous workshop attendees, or to those who have so far been unable to get to an onsite training.

>>Because I want to make a difference in our field!

Out of sight, out of mind! I want my work to make a real difference in providing, managing and funding person-centered services. An Ezine is a channel available to stay in touch and keep making positive changes in our work. It is a way to feed “Tips and Topics” to healthcare providers sincerely interested in applying concepts and skills to change( for the better) the way we serve people in behavioral health.

What to expect from the Ezine
>> You will receive it once a month.
Please forward it to other interested individuals. Suggest that colleagues sign up on my website.

>> It will be a relatively brief communication.
While, on occasion, I may excerpt or include material from other sources (appropriately referenced of course), most material will be original and be focused on practical tips and topics in the following areas:
— implementation of the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria;
— providing and documenting individualized person- centered services;
— clinical and systems issues to do with co-occurring mental and substance-related disorders (dual diagnosis);
— ways to engage, empower and collaborate with people in getting what they want and changing what they want.

>> There will be 3 Sections: SAVVY, SKILLS, and SOUL
Each section will hopefully imrpove who we are as professionals and as people – it’s not just about “doing”, but also about the “being”!
“Savvy”- to improve our knowledge, wisdom and practical grasp of topics;
“Skills” to focus on tips to improve practical competence;
“Soul” to enrich a person’s total self – both yourself and others;
>>From time to time, I will add in “Successes” & “Stump the Shrink”
In “Successes”, I’ll share what has been working for you and others in the practice of “doing” and “being”.
In “Stump the Shrink”, I will focus on questions and dilemmas you and others face in the “real world. ” I’ll try to answer them; or perhaps I’ll be stumped for a good answer.


So enough introduction. On with it!

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