Impaired Drivers Education and Therapy Program

The Change Companies helps organizations in behavioral health, impaired driving programming, corrections and addiction treatment bridge the gap between theory and practice. We offer the most widely replicated impaired driving early intervention model and tailor that model to the specific needs program structure and populations served by state providers. Our impaired driving curricula have been associated with statistically significant reductions in recidivism among program participants. 

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The custom impaired driving curriculum package for Colorado IDEP includes core Interactive Journals for Track A, supplemental Journals for Tracks B-D, and a tailored impaired driving curriculum for Level I and Level II Impaired Driver Education.

Colorado Level I and Level II Impaired Driver Education curriculum

  • To order these curriculum materials, please contact The Change Companies at (888) 889-8866
  • Participant Interactive Journal: Impaired Driver Education Program
  • Facilitator Guide: Impaired Driver Education Program


Core Journals (Track A)

A customized Facilitator Guide for CO IDEP Education and Therapy is available. Journals for Level 2.4+ and above are available. Please contact us to explore which journals best suit your requirements.


Supplemental Journals (Tracks B-D) 

Journals for Level 2.4+ and above are available. Please contact us to explore which journals best suit your requirements.

The choice of which modules to add for clients in tracks B-D should support documented areas of assessed clinical need and will be selected from our approved list:


Training for CO IDEP Providers

For Provisional Training and as a prerequisite for live training, the provisional certificate is valid for six months leading up to the live training.

Training plays a crucial role in enhancing program fidelity and achieving better outcomes. The training model offered by The Change Companies encompasses both on-demand and live training, mandatory for Colorado IDEP, with a renewal requirement every five years for Colorado providers. Optimize your savings by purchasing both live training and the Fidelity Platform together, saving $150. Starting in 2024, the training requirements are outlined below:

Provisional training and prerequisite for live training: The Fidelity Platform

The Fidelity Platform delivers microlearning and on-demand training content designed to enhance effective program facilitation, including an extensive library of impaired driving activity videos. Colorado providers are expected to complete the following from the Fidelity Platform training library (the provisional certificate is valid for a maximum of 6 months prior to live training):

A. 90-minute on-demand training: Foundational Facilitation Skills for Interactive Journaling
B. Curriculum walkthrough: Colorado IDEP
C. Curriculum walkthrough: The Courage to Change
D. Curriculum walkthrough: MEE

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Live Training

Evidence-based Facilitation Skills for Interactive Journaling® This two-day training focuses on building therapeutic relationships, practicing motivational skills, preparing for sessions, and employing effective facilitation techniques for both individual and group settings, ensuring program fidelity. Providers completing this training will be well-prepared to implement the Colorado impaired driving curricula effectively.

Sign up for a training date and receive your 1-year subscription to The Fidelity Platform for your provisional certificate.

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