Adolescent Treatment and Prevention

Young participants who journal develop skills to guide them through their change process. Our youth curricula align with the ASAM Criteria and support adolescent opioid abatement efforts. Implementation has been linked to case plan achievement, improved emotional self-regulation, skill use and overall enhanced self-efficacy.

At The Change Companies, we put the tools for change directly into the hands of clients and equip staff with tools for person-centered care in one convenient platform. Our core solution for adolescent treatment includes the KIDS curriculum, built on the evidence-based practice of Interactive Journaling®.

In addition to evidence-based curricula, our core solution includes access to the Fidelity Platform and live training for staff to ensure your organization is implementing best practices and gaining relevant skills for effective, person-centered treatment.

Solution Benefits

NO. 1

Age-appropriate, person-centered, tailored to individual needs

NO. 4

Align programming with ASAM Criteria dimensions

NO. 2

Makes using evidence-based practices easy and effective

NO. 5

Boost staff confidence, preparedness, and effectiveness

NO. 3

Fidelity and consistency between sites and facilitators

NO. 6

Unlocks measurement-based care and value-based care models


Sample Industry Partners

“True to its name, The Change Companies continues to evolve and change, finding new ways to meet the needs of diverse client populations. Our collaborative work on recovery programs for women and girls, for example, provides much-needed gender-responsive tools for a population that is often underserved. The Change Companies not only brings structure and consistency to these programs, but also a commitment to creating quality tools that support and guide individuals on a journey of self-change.” Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D., Author, Clinician, Consultant
“[Interactive Journaling] helps those who have a hard time verbalizing their emotions to communicate with the team how they feel and what changes they are ready to make…seeing it on paper, written in their own hand, helps them move forward.” Laura Johnson, Program Manager, 180 Degrees
“[Interactive Journaling] builds upon the clients’ strengths to promote independence… The Journals generate thought-provoking episodes for clients to dig deeper into their issues, see the reality of their problems and begin finding solutions.” Al Wright, Therapist, The Bridge NYC

Evidence-based Adolescent Treatment and Prevention Curriculum

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KIDS is an ASAM-aligned curriculum that highlights core concepts appropriate for adolescents. It applies a nonjudgmental focus on positive, strength-based strategies. Participants explore the problems that brought them into treatment and learn tools and skills to make meaningful, lasting life changes. Topics include: 

Orientation to treatment
Substance use
Twelve-step approaches
Relationships and other communication skills
Rational thinking (cognitive-behavioral approach)
Change strategies
Building strong values
Recovery maintenance



Staff Training and Skill Building

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  Fidelity Platform

The Change Companies’ Fidelity Platform is an integrated resource center providing a wide range of learning opportunities and resources to enhance the skills and knowledge of juvenile justice professionals. On-demand trainings, a microlearning library and facilitator resources support continuous learning and improvement that are relevant to job roles and career development. 

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  Live Training

The Change Companies’ two-day facilitator training helps juvenile justice professionals further develop their skills. Live training focuses on building helpful working relationships with clients, practicing motivational skills, preparing for sessions and using evidence-based case management techniques. 

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Case Studies and Research

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Facilitators have observed that The Change Companies' youth curricula...

Help clients think about how their decisions affect themselves and others
Aid in communication for those who have a difficult time verbalizing emotions
Build upon client strengths to promote independence
Generate "thought-provoking episodes" for clients to dig deeper into their issues and seek out solutions
Improve relationships and communication skills



Additional Clinical Resources

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The Career Exploration curriculum allows participants to explore how their current strengths, skills and interests align with a career path. Participants develop a plan for pursuing their identified career path and learn strategies to experience success in applying for, getting and keeping a job.

What About Marijuana? presents the facts and potential risks of marijuana use and guides participants in weighing these risks against their personal reasons for use. This curriculum is designed to help youth and adults consider their use of cannabis and what changes they may want to explore making.

The VOICES curriculum is designed in collaboration with Stephanie S. Covington, PhD, a leading expert in women and girls’ programming. VOICES assists adolescent girls in exploring themes of self, connection with others, healthy living and their journeys ahead.

Alternatives is a person-centered approach to youth education, designed to provide facts, tools and support for those dealing with alcohol and other substance-related violations. Individuals learn personal responsibility and practice making positive, long-lasting behavior changes that will lead to healthier choices in the future.

CHOICES provides campuses with a brief, research-based, cost-effective and easy-to-implement method for helping students reevaluate their choices around alcohol. The program engages students in self-reflection and discussion about facts, risks and norms associated with alcohol while equipping them with the information, strategies and skills to make wise decisions.

The Change Companies offers an evidence-based, innovative system for children in out-of-home care. The Helping Children Thrive Journals focus on a spirit of action. Young people learn about themselves and develop skills that will contribute to a healthy future.

The PADDI-5 is a comprehensive interview based on the DSM-5 for identifying co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders among adolescents. This interview enables both addiction and mental health professionals to document problems within their areas of expertise and make focused referrals for conditions outside their scope of practice.


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