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Learn how we're getting ready for the release of The ASAM Criteria 4th Edition and the ways we can support you in its implementation.

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Leaders in The ASAM Criteria


For over a decade, The Change Companies and its training division, Train for Change, have been proud to offer ongoing learning pathways for effective ASAM  Criteria implementation and skill-building. Regardless of experience level, The Change Companies offers support for clinicians and agencies to help:

Foster alignment with state standards for ASAM implementation, including provider and service standards for each level of care
Facilitate lasting system-wide change for effective ASAM implementation
Develop ASAM-related skills across all service stages
Guide preparation for CARF Level of Care certification
Educate support staff who play a role in behavioral healthcare service delivery

“I thought the ASAM Criteria was just an assessment you do for patient placement. It seemed like something I would do and check the box that I completed it. I’ve gone through all of the trainings and have become a champion of the model within our organization. Train for Change (The Change Companies’ training division) offered our organization a framework to effectively use the Criteria within a clinically-driven model of care.”

- Training attendee

The ASAM Criteria Designated Training Mark

Open Enrollment Trainings

Train for Change Inc., a division of The Change Companies, bridges the gap between knowledge of “what works” in addiction treatment and helping providers develop requisite skills in these practices for use in real world settings. Explore open enrollment events on ASAM Criteria skill-building, effective implementation of the criteria, transitioning to the 4th edition, and more.


The ASAM Criteria Track


The ASAM Criteria Track is an on-demand training library that features content specific to effective implementation of The ASAM Criteria and other best practices in addiction treatment. Users can select which edition of The ASAM Criteria they are using and access a learning library specific to their ASAM needs. Topics include foundations of the 4th edition, program design, effective documentation, understanding levels of care, and conducting multidimensional assessments. 

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Get Ready for the 4th Edition


Our first webinar, “The ASAM Criteria 4th Edition: A Brief Introduction,” can help treatment providers navigate and prepare for changes in the upcoming 4th edition. The ASAM Criteria 4th Edition builds on the past 30 years and provides an updated, streamlined and pragmatic approach to assessment and treatment planning. This one-hour webinar provides an overview of some of the major changes in the 4th edition.

In our second webinar, "The ASAM Criteria 3rd Edition or 4th Edition, a Conundrum or Not?" we explore the implications of staying with the 3rd edition of The ASAM Criteria or transitioning to the new, 4th Edition. What are the benefits and drawbacks of this choice, and how should you plan to navigate change?

In our most recent webinar, ASAM Criteria Implementation: New Tools, New Partnerships, we provide a brief introduction to the ASAM Criteria Implementation Guide and the new training, “Implementation, Improvement, Sustainability and Coaching of the ASAM Criteria: A “How To,” Science Based Approach,” offered in partnership with NIATx and Train For Change.

Senior Training Director Scott Boyles hosts each of these webinars with special guests. As senior national training director for Train for Change, he brings over 30 years of experience training individuals, providers and behavioral healthcare systems to use and implement The ASAM Criteria. Scott has also served as a member of the ASAM Steering Committee.


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