Individualized programming.
Measurable results.
Delivered digitally.

Introducing Atlas, a platform that empowers justice and treatment agencies to effectively manage, deliver, and scale person-centered, evidence-based programming.

Atlas devices

Programming elevated by technology.

Atlas is your partner for delivering HIPAA-compliant,

evidence-based programming at scale.


Hundreds of topics, digitally accessible

Choose from our vast Interactive Journaling® curriculum library and assign the content your participants need most, delivered in a mobile-first and tablet-friendly format.


Integrated insights, robust reporting

View participant responses to understand what’s working, and measure success with engagement reports at  the participant and organization level.


Dynamic prompts, engaging content

Improve client engagement through user-friendly, in-platform onboarding, interactive prompts, on-demand content, and progress tracking.


More control, less admin

Streamline admin tasks and implementation with tools for assigning content and viewing responses to better plan for sessions and facilitate behavior change.

The proven, evidence-based practice you know and trust, now in a digital format.

Interactive Journaling® incorporates the underpinnings of Motivational Interviewing, CBT, and the Stages of Change. With Atlas, you’re not limited to the Journals on your shelf — instead, you can provide the content your participants need with the click of a button.

  • My Life in Recovery

    Interactive Journaling®

    Comprehensive, ASAM-aligned addiction and mental health curriculum that works across levels of care and ancillary settings.

  • Courage to Change

    Interactive Journaling®

    An evidence-based, risk-need responsive cognitive behavioral program for community-based case management.

  • Career Exploration

    Interactive Journaling®

    A carefully-designed career readiness program that can launch your participants to better life outcomes.

  • Getting it Right

    Interactive Journaling®

    A reentry program that provides guidance on life management, maintaining positive changes, and building a healthy support system.

  • Forward Thinking

    Interactive Journaling®

    Risk-need-responsive curriculum for justice-involved youth, applicable to all risk levels.

The tools you need, in one place.

Deliver programming to fidelity with comprehensive and user-friendly

features for your agency, staff, and the individuals you serve.

Assign content

Match interventions with individualized service and case plans. Tap into a growing library of resources to help individuals use in-session and out-of-session / idle time productively.

View responses

Prepare for sessions more effectively by reviewing participants’ goals, strengths, and potential barriers in their own words.

Track engagement

View Journal progress and completion data at the participant and organization level.

Manage seats

Assign and re-assign seats for individuals as they enter and exit the program.

One platform, many applications.

Atlas drives impact across a variety of behavior change environments.

Atlas for
Justice Services


Prisons & jails

Juvenile justice

Adult probation & parole

Court & diversion programs

Impaired driving


  • Enhance risk-need-responsivity
  • Minimize unstructured idle time
  • Improve prosocial behavior and site safety
  • Increase consistency across sites
  • Scale programming without additional staff
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Atlas for
Treatment & Recovery


Adult addiction treatment

Adolescent treatment

Opioid abatement


  • Improve client engagement
  • Decrease AMAs
  • Save time on session planning
  • Enable effective implementation of the ASAM Criteria
  • Capture value-based care incentives and support justification of rate improvements
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  • “I love how simple this platform is. It will make it easy to roll-out and implement programming.”

    Ted Memo, Probation Officer
    Lawrence County
  • “I feel as though it’s like having my own personal counselor.”

  • “Your program has truly changed my life for the better.  I’ve been better able to understand what got me into prison and how to deal with issues should they come up.”