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David Mee-Lee

June 2024 - Vol. #22, No. 3

To parent or not to parent? Is it “You’ll change your mind” or “I love them. I just don’t love the choice I made”? Arguments for and against having children (from my children). How did we do parenting our three children? I share the evidence.

Welcome to the June edition.

In SAVVY, Naomi Campbell and R.O. Kwon present opposite views on whether to have children or not. To women who don’t want to be mothers, Campbell says “You will change your mind.” Kwon writes about parents who regret having children and their anguish. There are almost no spaces where a parent can discuss the taboo topic of regret.

In SKILLS, what are the top two or three reasons to HAVE or NOT HAVE children? If you had to make a case for the OPPOSITE choice, what are the two or three top reasons? Read how my three children responded to these questions.

In SOUL, I reflect on the nature and quality of our parenting skills and history and conclude that the State of the Union and parenting effectiveness was very good. Check out the reasons I offered.

David Mee-Lee, M.D.
DML Training and Consulting

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