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The evidence-based practice of Interactive Journaling® is most effective when facilitation staff are trained on key facilitation skills. The Fidelity Program enables all organizations using Interactive Journaling® to select a learning pathway that works for them. 

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Basic Fidelity

Get started with Interactive Journaling®
Increase staff confidence
Introduce foundational facilitation skills
Onboard new staff efficiently


Advanced Fidelity

Build a community of in-house coaches
Enhance client outcomes
Accelerate staff skill development
Sustain fidelity through ongoing feedback and support
Exclusive coach community, newsletters and live events
Trained coaches get exclusive access to...

‣ Monthly live events ‣ A monthly newsletter featuring upcoming events and best practices
‣ A growing LinkedIn professional learning community of trained Fidelity Coaches from across the country

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Monthly coach newsletters and live events cover...

‣ Facilitation tips and tricks
‣ Trends in treatment
‣ Facilitator and program spotlights
‣ Coaching challenging employees
‣ Identifying future coaches
‣ Determining the difference between the employee who can’t versus the employee who won’t deliver the program with fidelity
‣ Introducing new curriculum
‣ Onboarding the new employee to the idea of coaching and fidelity checks
‣ Measuring program success
‣ Introducing fidelity checks to clients
‣ Achieving fidelity without rigidity

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  Basic Fidelity Advanced Fidelity
Foundational Facilitation Skills for Interactive Journaling® (available on the Fidelity Platform, our self-paced learning resource hub)
Required Required
Evidence-based Facilitation Skills for Interactive Journaling® (two-day training) Recommended Required
Fidelity Coaching Certification for Interactive Journaling® (one-day training) N/A Required for selected coaches
Annual Booster Training N/A Required for selected coaches
Dedicated customer support from The Change Companies    
Exclusive access to live events with master trainers (Coaches only)    
Access to a peer-to-peer coaching community (Coaches only)    
Access to regular updates on best practices (Coaches only)    

About Interactive Journaling® Trainings

Foundational Facilitation Skills for Interactive Journaling® (1.5 CEUs)

Delivery: On-demand
Prerequisites: Access to the Fidelity Platform

This course is designed to provide participants with the foundational skills necessary to facilitate Interactive Journaling® sessions effectively. During the course, participants will learn the basic principles and techniques of facilitation, such as active listening, open-ended questioning, and creating a safe and supportive environment for clients. Participants will also learn how to use Interactive Journaling® as a tool for personal growth and development, including how to help clients identify and set goals, overcome challenges and build on their strengths.

This course is only available on The Change Companies’ Fidelity Platform. Learn more.

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Evidence-based Facilitation Skills for Interactive Journaling® (13 CEUs)

Delivery: Live (Virtual)
Prerequisites: Foundational Facilitation Skills

Upon completion of the Foundational Facilitation Skills for Interactive Journaling® training, staff will participate in live training sessions to further develop their skills. The live training focuses on building therapeutic relationships, practicing motivational skills, preparing for sessions, and utilizing effective facilitation techniques for both individual and group settings that support program fidelity. This training will prepare staff to implement the Interactive Journaling® curricula in their service delivery.

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Fidelity Coaching Certification for Interactive Journaling® (6.5 CEUs)

Delivery: Live (Virtual)
Prerequisites: Foundational Facilitation Skills + Evidence-based Facilitation Skills

This one-day training helps coaches guide staff towards optimal implementation of Interactive Journaling® curriculum. It covers the six domains of the Fidelity Tool, how to measure performance, and the fundamentals of coaching skills. Coaches will practice strategies for observing staff, providing feedback, building positive relationships and supporting staff with confidence.

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Master The ASAM Criteria and Other Evidence-based Practices

Train for Change Inc., a division of The Change Companies, bridges the gap between knowledge of “what works” in addiction treatment and helping providers develop requisite skills in these practices for use in real world settings.

Popular topics include:

The ASAM Criteria: Renowned experts in ASAM skill-building and system-wide implementation
Motivational Interviewing: Help your entire staff improve MI skills with one of our top-rated MINT trainers
Cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-informed care, medication-assisted treatment and community reinforcement approach